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Rocky Copley-Michael Ham Musical Tribute Series

About them...

We have been blessed to share precious moments with two tremendous athletes and special people. Rocky Copley is a Co-founder of our organization. During our time together he shared many stories that showed his love for his former teammate Michael Ham. They showed us how it is possible to unite in harmony and make each other feel special.  These two gentlemen reflect the best of what we see in our community. They both loved people and sharing laughs with others. They were selfless, hardworking, and worked tirelessly to improve themselves and bring out the best in others. They were never satisfied with being good; they worked to be the best.  


The 757 Sports Connection is based on the lives and memories of these men. Our site grew out of the dream and passion Rocky shared for our community and the love for his teammate. We created this concert series to honor them. They both loved music and we endeavor to keep that spirit alive by presenting musicians in this series that will entertain, inspire, and remind you of these two giants. 


As we continue to evolve our organization we will begin to focus on establishment of the Rocky Copley/Michael Ham Memorial Education Scholarship Fund. The intent is that we can establish a fund that will provide funds in perpetuity for selected individuals from schools within our Community to attend College in the Hampton Roads Area.  

                            Rest In Peace Dear Warriors!


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